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Super-Cap-Smart Range of Power Capacitor

MPP Type LT Three Phase Power Capacitors





MPP TYPE POWER CAPACITORS - Super cap Power capacitors are the unique solution for the reactive power compensation. Super-cap power capacitors are manufactured using Tri-Layer, Zn -Alloy, Heavy Edge, Low Metalised film to provide better bonding of element and long life. Correct thickness of MPP Film is results into low loss of capacitance, more reliable and stable in performance. The tight wound element on most advance machine results into zero defect winding with maximum output. MPP Capacitor have Self Healing property, which results to avoid, illuminate permanent short circuit. MPP Power capacitors very useful to improve the power factor of the load & so to reduce the cable line losses & thus reduced the system line current & thus useful to connect the extra load with same demand KVA.


   Some Unique Features
  • Self healing type costrction to eliminates permanent short circuit.

  • Tight , Tri- layer winding, low tan delta value.

  • Available in Aluminium cylindrical Can Type Construction.

  • MPP Capacitor with pressure interrupter design

  • Conformance to IS 13340 & 41.

  • Heavy Duty film construction to withstand high & Freaquent voltage spikes.

  • Available in 3/5/6/9/10/12.5/15/20/25 Kvar.

  • Wide operating voltage range.

  • Available for Various applications.


All electrical equipments, products have a certain life, it also applies to power capacitor.
As the construction of polypropylene type capacitor is to produce a pronounced short circuit-the HRC fuses, MCBs alone doesnt sufficient for fast protection; so the all capacitors are internally constructed such a way that a disconnector operates when there is over pressure generation. A uncountable switching, break downs occurs , result into thermal or electric overload. These all action results into formation of gases, which results into rise in pressure inside capacitor casing.
The increase in pressure causes increase in length of curvature of the lid element wire. Expansion beyond certain limit will cause tear off the internal Fuse wire & disconnects the capacitor element from line voltage.

Standard Technical Specification :


Rated Voltage : 415V/440V/525V/3Ph./50Hz.
Rated Capacitor current : 1.31 x system Kvar for rated 440v supplyvoltage.
Power consumption :  0.2 watts per Kvar .
Discharge device :  Resistor fitted on terminal
Enclosure :  Aluminum can with stud & Flange type construction shrouding
   cap on top.
Mounting Orientation :  Threaded stud type arrangement at base.
Terminal shroudings :  Capacitor shrouded with PVC Cap. IP 54 design.

Standard Available Ratings :

Sr.No Kvar Capacity Diamensations with cap. Wt. of Capacitor Capacitor Mfd. Packing Units
1) 3 Kvar  63 mm x 185 mm 0.5 kg 3 x 1.65 12 nos.
2) 5 Kvar  63 mm x 185 mm 0.6 kg 3 x 2.75 12 nos.
3) 6 Kvar 75mm x 250 mm 0.8 kg 3 x 34.5 12 nos.
4) 9 Kvar 75mm x 250 mm 0.9 kg 3 x 49.5 12 nos.
5) 10 Kvar  85 mm x 250 mm 1.0 kg 3 x 55 06 nos.
6) 12.5 Kvar  85 mm x 310 mm 1.5 kg 3 x 69.5 06 nos.
7) 15 Kvar  85 mm x 310 mm 1.5 kg 3 x 83 06 nos.
8) 20 Kvar  90 mm x 400 mm 2 kg 3 x 114 04 nos.
9) 25 Kvar  90 mm x 400 mm 2 kg 3 x 138 04 nos.
  • Continuous Technological changes may lead to products specifications modification from time  to time


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