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Power Factor Control System For Welding Applications






LOAD OPERATED FAST RESPONSE REACTIVE POWER COMPENSATION SYSTEM :- . The system is designed to work automatically on highly variable, fluctuating, unbalanced loads. The compensation is done on percentage of load current set able on site in program mode of Controller with fast response with cut off of set value of power factor. Load operated Thyristor switched Automatic power factor system mainly suitable to Welding Loads, Lifts, Crane, Injection Molding Machines. It is a highly Fast response system properly designed to measure ,display, connect & disconnect the required Kvar Capacitors to achieve target power factor.

Load operated APFC RELAY -Microprocessor based, most advanced device to measure & Display all electrical network parameters & calculate load Kvar to work automatically to connect & disconnect capacitors banks to achieve target power factor with ultra fast response.

Standard Technical Specification:

Rated Voltage : 440/1-3 Phase/50Hz.
Operating voltage : 110/240/440V/1-3 Phase/50Hz
Controller Current : IN/5 Amp or IN/1 Amp. Single CT sensing.
APFC Relay : 4 Stage APFC Relay with bank on/off LED Indication
  with measurement & calculations of all Electrical
Switching Element : Thyristor Modules.
Protections : MCB/HRC FUSES To each Bank, With in built
  protections of APFC Controller.
Operating modes : Auto, Manual, Program, Standby mode.
Interface : RS-232/RS-485, GSM (Optional).
Output : Maximum 4 steps.
Cabinet : Free stand floor mounting frame structure/ wall
  mounted cabinet suits to Indoor/Outdoor.

Display Parameters of APFC Relay:

  • Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Active Power (KW), Apparent Power (KVA) -All at LT side
  • Reactive Power (KVAR), Capacitive Reactive Power (KVAR)
  • Active Energy (KWH), Apparent Energy ( Energy (KVAH), Reactive Energy(KVARH)
  • Real Time, date, Network fault message display Capacitor bank status display,Load sideParameters viz. Current, P.F. & KVA.
Protection :

         Controller offers protections in the following situations,
         High voltage , Low voltage, Over-load, Under load, Imbalance, Load Current
         Imbalance, Over Capacitor Current, Capacitor Current Imbalance, Over Temperature

Programmable Parameters of APFC Relay:
  • Target Power Factor - 0.90 lead to 0.85 lag.
  • Time Delay (TD) - 0.5 mili sec - 120 Sec.
  • CT Ratio - Current Transformer ratio to measure actual load.
  • PT Ratio - Potential Transformer ratio to measure actual voltage.
  • No. of Steps - 1 to 4 Capacitor steps.
  • Capacitor Step Rating -on percentage of load current with connected Kvar.
  • Display Scroll time delay.
  • Capacitor's discharge time in Seconds.
  • Compensation mode - fine-Avarage /minimum/maximum of load Kvar basis.



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