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  Main Features :
  • Highly Sensitive.
  • Accuracy Class I.
  • Auto CT Synchronization.
  • Intelligent Multi Method Switching (MMS)Algorithm.
  • Four Quadrant Measurement.
  • Data memory-45 days on hourly basis.
  • Communication port RS-232/485.
  • 2 / 4 Line LCD Display with backlit.
  • Energy Pulse Output.
  • Plug & Play Operation.
  • Computerized Test & Calibration Report.
  • Payment Lock Facility.
  • Plug in Terminal.
  • IP-54 Degree of Protection

LT APFC RELAY- An inteligent high speed DSP + Microprocessor Based device to measure, calculate, display and store all electrical network parameters. In built Intelligent Multi Method Switching (MMS) Algorithm enables user to get close control on network reactive power requirement. Multi Method Switching (MMS) Algorithm allows user to set different target power factor for Diesel Generators and Windmill Stations. A built in self test facility provided for checking calibration and operation of the relay without external load. The control functions even at low operating loads with great accuracy

GB Control’s APFC controller find usage and applications in all segments of industry viz Automobile Factories, Cement Plants, Chemical & Fertilizer Plants, Metal Industries, Hospitals, Windmill Power Stations, D .G. Stations etc.

The other built in features viz Over Voltage Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Under Load Protection, Over Load Protection High Temprature etc. provides nonstop operation of APFC System.

Standard Technical Specification :


Rated Voltage                       :  415V, 3ph, 50Hz.Z
Operating voltage                 :  110 V -500 V [L-L]
Controller Current                 :  IN/5 Amp or IN/1 Amp.
Display                                  :  Single Line 16 char./4 Line 20char.alphanumeric LCD 
Power consumption              :  Voltage circuits-10VA,Current circuits< 2VA.
Indications                            :  Dual colour LED’s.
Operating modes                  :  Auto, Manual, Programme, Standby mode.
Interface                               :  RS-232/RS-485, GSM(Optional).
Output                                  :  1 to 16 Transistor/ Relay output
Mounting Orientation            :  Vertical with attachable clamping screw terminals.
Mechanical arrangement       :  IP 54
Weight                                  : 900 gms. (Appox.)




Display Parameters :
  • Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Active Power (KW), Apparent Power (KVA)
  • Reactive Power (KVAR), Capacitive Reactive Power (CKVAR)
  • Active Energy (KWH), Apparent Energy (KVAH), Reactive Energy (KVARH)
  • Real Time, Date, Network fault message display
  • Capacitor bank status display, Load side Parameters viz. Current, P.F. & KVA.
Protections :

           Controller offers protections in the following situations. High voltage, Low voltage,
           Over-load,Under-load,Voltage Imbalance, Load Current Imbalance, Over Capacitor
           Current, Capacitor Current. Imbalance, Over Temperature.

Programmable Parameters :
  • Target Power Factor - 0.90 lead to 0.85 lag.
  • Time Delay (TD) – 0.1 Sec. to 255 Sec.
  • CT Ratio – Current Transformer ratio to observe actual load current.
  • PT Ratio – Potential Transformer ratio to observe actual Line Voltage.
  • No. of Steps – 1 to 16 Capacitor steps.
  • Capacitor Step Rating.
  • Display Scroll time delay.
  • Capacitor’s discharge time.

    Operating Mode : Automode / Manual Mode / Programme Mode / Standard Mode.
    Compensation Mode : Average / Maximum / Minimum of Load Kvar Basis.
    Memory Storage : 45 Days on hourly basis.



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