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Load Operating APFC System



The system is designed to work automatically on highly variable, fluctuating, unbalanced utility loads. The compensation is done on percentage of load current settable on site with the help of variable setting pot on Controller with fast response with cutoff of set value of power factor with another pot.

Load operated Automatic power factor correction system mainly
suitable to Lighting loads, Agriculture pumps, Welding loads, Lifts, Crane, Injection Molding Machines. It is a highly Fast response system designed to measure & operate to connect & disconnect the required Kvar Capacitors to achieve Target power Factor with reference to load current.

Standard Technical Specification:


Rated Voltage :  11Vac,50Hz,5VA.
Rated Current :  5Aac, 50Hz,1VA.

Output:-   Solid State, 6 Amp, Switching output.

Operating Conditions :

Voltage :  60% to + 140%
Current :  130%
Temperature :  5C to +55C.

Protection Against:-

High Voltage :  120% Of Rated Voltage.
Low Voltage :  70% Of Rated Voltage.


Power Factor :  0.60 (Lag) to Unity
Current :  5% to 100% Continuous.


                  1. Intelligent device to maintain power factor.
                  2. Saves apparent Energy(KVA).
                  3. Increases load capacity of the system.


LED Indications:-                                       LED Indications Details:-

High Voltage - RED LED High Voltage LED glows when system
voltage is 1.15 times of rated voltage.
Low Voltage - RED LED Low Voltage LED glows when system
voltage is 0.7 times of rated voltage.
Power Factor - YELLOW LED Current LED glows when system current is   above set limit.
Current - YELLOW LED Lead P.F. LED glows when power factor is leading.
Lead PF - RED LED Bank ON LED glows when contactor
switches ON capacitor bank.
Low Load PF- RED LED Power ON LED glows when power is
switched ON.
Power ON - GREEN LED LL LED glows when load current is
below 1% of rated transformer Current.

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