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GB Controls & services is one of the leading manufacturers of Thyristor & Contactor based APFC Systems, Advanced Microprocessor based APFC Controller,APFC controllers with GSM connectivity, we are also offering energy audits and energy saving products and their services.
We are one of the leading manufacturers of Energy Saving Equipments related to industrial, commercial and power distribution applications. We have a rich & vast experience spanning over 20 years in this field. We are the pioneers in introducing the concept of Real Time ultra fast Automatically Switched Thyristorised APFC System, for reactive power compensation. Over the years, we have offer our products and services to Electricity Utilities, leading industrial units and other customers and have build up a healthy customer base. With our commitment to continuous improvement in our products and services, we have developed our own market reputation. APFC Relays with the best technological features, which are definitely in a class apart from other Relays available in the market.

The products and services offered by GB CONTROLS are mainly oriented towards Reactive Power Compensation and strengthening the Rural Electrification Distribution Network, which has been emphasized as Topmost Priority Plan by the Central Power Ministry based on principal that “ENERGY SAVED IS ENERGY GENERATED.”

Presently the activities of GB CONTROLS include the following manufacturing and marketing products:
1) Automatic Power Factor Control Systems using the following technologies:-
a) Hybrid (Thyristor + Contactor) Switched APFC systems.
b) Thyristor Switched including Real Time APFC Systems...
c) Contactor Switched APFC Systems.

2) Harmonic Survey:-
In electrical installations where the harmonic elements are higher than the internationally accepted limits, the instances of failure of switchgear, cable & capacitor are very high. It is necessary to assess the level of harmonics, both voltage & current, in any electrical installation, so as to take preventive measures by installation of suitable filtering circuits. We undertake detailed harmonic surveys and offer solutions.

3) Energy Auditing:-

GB Controls is having expertise team of engineers for energy auditing. We conduct such audits for electricity boards, govt. organizations and private industries. In energy auditing activity, we conduct study of electrical network, load pattern and requirement of reactive compensation for energy saving. After completing the survey based on thorough analysis of the collected data of above said parameters we suggest the required quantity of Capacitor panels to achieve the desired reactive compensation with payback calculations.

4) Detuned Filters for Capacitor protection:-
We design and manufacture capacitor banks with detuned filters for protection of the capacitors against harmonics, to be installed in electrical installations where the presence of harmonic currents are higher than the internationally accepted limits.

5) Static VAR Compensation:
We are in the process of developing IGBT based Static VAR compensation technology have planned to commercialize this product in about six month’s time. This would be a revolutionary step in the domestic market, as this would change the whole concept and means of reactive power compensation.

6) Active Harmonic Filters:
We are also in the process of developing Active Harmonic Filters, which would suppress harmonic at the source itself, thus protection of total electrical system from harmonics, resulting in minimum breakdowns and enhanced life of the installation.

GB CONTROLS has supplied / are in the process of supplying Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels as per details shown in the List of Orders.

We have supplied Thyristorised APFC panels of various ratings to MES, MTNL, Radio Mirchi stations, National Board, Most of the software parks, Call Centers, IDBI Banks, Renowned industrial organization, Compton Greaves ltd. Aurangabad etc.

We would like to especially mention here that we are carrying out most of the of Development works from system design to software program & perform on site with system construction up to commissioning for the companies, which are very well known as APFC manufacturers.

Also supplied 150 Nos 50 KVAr Thyristor switched Systems to Maharashtra State Electricity Board (M.S.E.B) Aurangabad Circle.

In past, we had worked with organizations, which had same product range.

In addition to above we have our esteemed customer base in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, where we have supplied and successfully commissioned around 300 systems which are performing very well.
This shows that the Company has experience and expertise in manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of Automatic Power Factor correction systems using any of the switching technologies as well as it has the technological capability of manufacture single systems of such low ratings as 27 KVAr right up to 1000 KVAR.
GB Controls have a practical base engineers team to work with current supply distribution network , which is a challenge to design, built, install & commissioning the system with fluctuated supply voltages, unbalanced load, variable power factor for the same type of load pattern.
GB Controls is committed for its results, services after sales, new development, good touch with current, advanced technology & best performance.

To carry out such product development, the design skills used are as fallows:
Basic Skill Sets:

  • Digital Electronics Circuit Design.
  • Analog Electronics Circuit Design.
  • Microprocessor Based hardware design.
  • Power Electronics system and control design.
  • Micro-controller firmware using C compilers and Assembly languages.
  • Digital Signal Processors instrumentation design (firmware & hardware)
System Engineering Skill Sets.
  • Concept of electrical parameter measurement, analysis and PF control.
  • Concepts of Data Logging and Analysis.
  • Data Communication using Hand Held Unit, GSM/GPRS communication etc.
  • Automation system designing and software.
  • Micro-controller firmware using C compilers and Assembly languages.

APFC Relay is the Brain, Heart and Mind of the APFC System. We employ FCP based Microprocessor system, to monitor, measure, compute and command operations. A few novel features and advantages available in our APFC Relay are:

  • Ultra Fast correction time.
  • Four Line, twenty character backlit LCD display for easy monitoring.
  • Monitoring and display of maximum energy and power parameters.
  • A built in memory module which can store various parameters upto 45 days.
  • RS-232 Interface for data downloading/instantaneous print out.
  • Data downloadable to a HHU or PC or Laptop.
  • All operations through membrane keys only. No need of selector switches and ON/OFF switches. However, can be provided in case required.

An additional and most advanced feature of our APFC Relay is that it has got the optional facility of GSM connectivity. With the GSM connectivity the status of an entire substation can be monitored from a central monitoring station. It can also generate status report on SMS mode and send hourly status reports to a predetermined cell phone. Through GSM connectivity with the remotely located controller, various electrical parameters of controller are controlled.
The GSM Module access meter data and / or stored metered data and transmit it to remote central server database for access of metered data on the internet with suitable password and user id through Web-enabled software.

Following are the key display parameters of the controller :

  • Serial Number & location of equipment .
  • Date& Time of Reading as per RTC.
  • Current, Voltage & Power Factor on the Load Side in each phase
  • Current in each phase for capacitors in circuit.
  • Display of power factor in three digit readings.
  • Voltage, Current & Power Factor on the transformer side in each phase (as Computed by the ACU) taking into account the effect of capacitors.
  • Voltage of each phase with capacitors switched off.
  • Capacitance value of the capacitor of each bank. (Optional)

  • KVARH (Load), KWH & KVAH reading.
  • Threshold Harmonics distortion on voltage & current. (Optional)

Our APFC Controller is type tested for operational & performance parameters from reputed Government recognized test laboratories like;




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